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Coldream 2


2x 12 Litre Bowls

The Cofrimell "COLDREAM" “M”  Model drink dispensers (with paddle stirring system) is ideal for storing and chilling a wide variety of drinks such as natural fruit juice, cordial, tea, water, milk base beverages.

Available in 1, 2 & 3 x 12 Litre per bowl capacity, the dependable COFRIMELL drink dispenser is 100% manufactured in Italy and built to withstand the demands of high traffic areas such as clubs, pubs, gyms, cafeterias, Hotels, Restaurants, Rotary Clubs, Entertainment venues, Work places, etc..


“M”  Models:  available in these configurations
*available in BLACK or CLEAR lids

  • 1x Bowls | serving up to 12 Litres [click]
  • 3x Bowls | serving up to 36 Litres [click]

“S”  Models:  Electromagnetic Pump system, available only on special request. (leadtime of 10-12 weeks applies on special orders)


Bowl and Cover: clear bowl food-grade, unbreakable polycarbonate bowl(s), can easily be removed for cleaning. It has litre markings for exact beverage preparation.  

Mixing system  “M”  Models: stirring/mixing system by delrin paddles, avoids froth and beverages oxidation.

Drink Cooling: specially engineered by Cofrimell, in stainless steel, which aids in is faster than normal cooling performance. 

Refrigerant Unit: forced-air cooled, hermetic compressor

Temperature Control: adjustable thermostatic system.  

Dispensing Tap:  two pieces, no drip, stainless steel tap. 

Chassis and Panels:  all in stainless steel and ABS

Technical Specifications

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