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Cold Press Multifruit Extractor

Semi-industrial Cold Press Juice Extractor

With a ground-breaking design, the Zumex MASTERY is safer and more powerful than other Cold Press machines, thanks to its many innovations, such as the feeder, shorter and fold-away, designed to reduce the action space and improve access. At the same time, safety is guaranteed by its built-in pusher with automatic stop, which prevents accessing the shredder discs, providing the whole unit with greater hygiene and speedier use.

Mastery: Zumex’s cold press system designed for all types of fruit and vegetable juices, leading the way with its crushing efficiency and power, thanks to its shredder discs and its Brushless motor. It has a series of advantages that improve and facilitate operation. It also has an 11-ton press, which is more compact than any other press of its category.

It is robust but functionally designed in order to protect motors, panels and pressure group from splashes and knocks

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2x   High-efficiency Press Plates
3x   Filter Bags [ fine | medium | wide ] *size of weave
4x   Shredder blade/discs [ coarse | medium | fine | extra fine ]
1x   Juice Container (with filter)
1x   Cleaning kit with 2 brushes and scraper



Real time control of all parameters from the operation area, crushing and pressing speed, pressing times and cycles through the control panel with 4.3” full-colour touch screen.

Manual or semi-automatic setting

Use the different programs designed to improve its use, save time and obtain maximum performance. Choose from among the different programs: soft fruit, hard fruit, green leaf vegetables, mix. Or configure your mode of use by customising the times and pressing speed and number of cycles.


Shorter, folding, and with built-in pusher, it reduces action space, improving access and increasing hygiene, safety and efficiency.

It speeds up and makes loading easier, providing a greater and effortless push. The greater adjustment between pusher and high resistance shredder discs fully optimises the crushing process.

It includes pusher presence and door opening sensors that make the cutting disc and the crusher motor of the machine stop automatically.

It also has overload protection and an emergency stop button that deactivates all the systems if needed.

Technical Specifications


Its Brushless motor provides the greatest torque at any speed, adapting its capacity to the different types of fruit and vegetables.  Its consumption is also less than that of other commonly installed motors.



High production capacity, of up to 110 L/hr. (or 30 gal/hr) *depending on produce quality and season.

The stainless steel press generates 11 ton of force.  

The cold press racks are designed to achieve greatest yield.