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Ruby 2000 Mk III

Simply the Original and the Best 'now New & Improved'

■ Often copied but never matched in Quality & Reliability since its introduction in 1985, the Nutrifaster Ruby 2000/³ Commercial Juice Extractor is the benchmark, and has remained the most dominant and wanted juicer on the market today.

■ With three decades of worldwide customer satisfaction, the Ruby 2000/³ Commercial Juice Extractor produces a continuous supply of fresh, rich, delicious juice from fruit and vegetables. In just a few seconds, this juice extractor is capable of producing pulp free juice from apples, celery, carrots, watermelons, honeydew melons, rock melons, cucumber, beetroot, oranges, lemons, grapefruit etc.

■ The Ruby 2000/³ Commercial Juice Extractor, given its ideal bench-space footprint and coupled with its consistent performance has made this essential piece of equipment the No.1 choice for Fresh Juice Bars anywhere.

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■ CLEANING your Ruby 2000/³ Commercial Juice Extractor on a daily basis is 'imperative' as it will keep your equipment running at its optimal performance. Make sure to periodically check the sharpness of your Blade, as they can be re-sharpened at a minimal cost to you, ensuring better efficiency & yield.

■ Fruits and vegetables contain natural substances that will build up and stain your filter if left unclean, therefore it's important that you follow the daily cleaning instructions.

Ensure to always refer & follow the Cleaning Instructions
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  • NEW waterproof 'Piezo Touch' on/off switch
  • No.1 Juice Extractor on the market
  • Continuous juice production
  • Produces up to 1.5 Litres in 30 seconds
  • Centrifugal Juicer with Automatic Pulp Ejection
  • Wide oval feeding hole: Ø 75mm
  • Polished cast aluminium housing
  • 8 Different spout positions: (making the Ruby suitable for any location)
  • Requires minimal bench space
  • All parts in contact with the juice are made of S/Steel
  • Easy to clean and dismantle
  • Requires cleaning only once a day (ensure to follow daily cleaning requirements)
  • Stainless steel bowl and filter
  • Juicer basket and pulp retainer
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Quite fan cooled Motor
  • Safety locking arm and Motor brake

Technical Specifications

  • Motor Power: 1440 W / 2850 RPM
  • Thermal Cutout Motor protection
  • Voltage: 220-240v / 50Hz 6 AMPS
  • Safety deactivation switch on lid
  • Dimensions: 345W x 425D x 470H
  • Net/Gross Weight: 26/30Kg
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