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SPEED UP - |Narrow| All-In-One

SPEED UP All-In-One / with podium

NEW | SPEED UP in stylish black or stainless finish

SPEED UP | All-In-One version | NARROW podium - Black or Stainless

The new Speed UP is a fully authonomus juicer configured to give users an entry pricepoint without compromising speed, efficiency, and ease of cleaning. Speed UP benchtop and all-in-one models have a front tap which dispenses juice at the push of a button

Comes with automatic PulpOut System and new podium design, perfectly suited for those who need to produce a large quantity of juice. The new Podium design has a compartment which can take up to 25Kg of peel waste, meaning it can juice up to 45Kg or 300 oranges without being changed. Dimensions for NARROW cabinet: W.710 x D.626 x H.787 mm

Speed UP All-In-One (podium) models have a front tap which dispenses juice at the push of a button. designed with an incorporated bottle holder which holds bottles in place under the tap during the juicing process (also standard on Speed S +plus models)

SPEED UP | ..and get one!


SPEED UP > with all the advantages from Speed Series

Integrated high capacity feeder. 20 kg capacity.
Intelligent Electronics. With 2 operational modes: Automatic or Professional.
Drip tray with direct drain to the waste bucket in the All-in-one model.
Original System juicing system with ASP antibacterial technology.

Discover the new podiums for your All-in-One model

Black: Dare to go with the sleekest look. *Includes drip tray
Mirror: Choose the elegance of the shiniest finish. *Includes two-position drip tray for glasses and bottles

*All-In-One Podiums available in NARROW and WIDE configurations
Narrow: capacity 45kg, 300 oranges - Dimensions: 710W x 626D x 787H mm
Wide: capacity 70kg, 500 oranges - Dimensions: 810W x 626D x 787H mm


1Step S Extraction Kit Limes·Lemons·Oranges * size 45-67 mm
1Step M Extraction Kit Lemons·Oranges·Grapefruits * size 65-81 mm
1Step L Extraction Kit Lemons·Oranges·Grapefruits * size 75-95 mm

Original squeezing kit S kit for smaller fruits - size 45-67 mm
Original squeezing kit L kit for larger fruits - size 75-95 mm

Countertop Kit - to retrofit/convert into bench-through configuration

Side mounted Bottle Rack, or Stand alone Botthe Rack and storage


  • Original Squeezing System with ASP technology    *or*
    Original Squeezing System with ASP and 1Step extraction Kit
  • Automatic PulpOut System
  • Up Tap (Polymer tap with bottle holder)    *or*
    2Service Tap
    (Stainless steel tap with front push-button and bottle holder) options
  • Drip tray with direct drain to the waste bucket.Black Podiums    *or*
    Two-position drip tray
    with direct drain to the waste bucket.Mirror Podiums
  • Drain & Clean System
  • Digital Intelligent touch controller

Technical Specifications

Q. What is ASP?


Because hygiene comes first, Zumex has committed to the latest in technology. The injection of liquid glass into some of its crucial machine parts allows for the total removal of all (99.9%) of bacteria which can be generated by its usage. ASP frees silver ions which, in a humid environment, are attracted by the bacteria entering its enzymatic membrane and removing it.

By using silver, which is known to be an anti-bacterial agent, in the manufacturing of the plastic component that come into contact with the juice Zumex has been able to reduce bacterial growth making the whole process more hygienic and safe for the end user.

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