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SPEED UP benchtop

SPEED UP / benchtop

NEW | SPEED UP series

SPEED UP | benchtop and All-In-One versions

The new Speed UP is a fully authonomus juicer configured to give users an entry pricepoint without compromising speed, efficiency, and ease of cleaning. Speed UP benchtop and all-in-one models have a front tap which dispenses juice at the push of a button

Comes with automatic PulpOut System, extraction kit and new podium, perfectly suited for those who need to produce a large quantity of juice. The new sylish design(for thew All-In-One version) has two compartments, which can store up to 40Kg of peel waste, meaning it can juice up to 70Kg or 500 oranges without being changed.


SPEED UP > with all the advantages from Speed Series

Integrated high capacity feeder. 20 kg capacity.
Intelligent Electronics. With 2 operational modes: Automatic or Professional.
Drip tray with direct drain to the waste bucket in the All-in-one model.
Original System juicing system with ASP antibacterial technology.

Discover the new podiums for your All-in-One model

Black: Dare to go with the sleekest look. *Includes drip tray
Mirror: Choose the elegance of the shiniest finish. *Includes two-position drip tray for glasses and bottles

*All-In-One Podiums available in NARROW and WIDE configurations
Narrow: capacity 45kg, 300 oranges - Dimensions: 710W x 626D x 787H mm
Wide: capacity 70kg, 500 oranges - Dimensions: 810W x 626D x 787H mm


1Step S Extraction Kit Limes·Lemons·Oranges * size 45-67 mm
1Step M Extraction Kit Lemons·Oranges·Grapefruits * size 65-81 mm
1Step L Extraction Kit Lemons·Oranges·Grapefruits * size 75-95 mm

Original squeezing kit S kit for smaller fruits - size 45-67 mm
Original squeezing kit L kit for larger fruits - size 75-95 mm

Countertop Kit - to retrofit/convert into bench-through configuration

Side mounted Bottle Rack, or Stand alone Botthe Rack and storage


  • Original Squeezing System with ASP technology    *or*
    Original Squeezing System with ASP and 1Step extraction Kit
  • Automatic PulpOut System
  • Up Tap (Polymer tap with bottle holder)    *or*
    2Service Tap
    (Stainless steel tap with front push-button and bottle holder) options
  • Drip tray with direct drain to the waste bucket.Black Podiums    *or*
    Two-position drip tray
    with direct drain to the waste bucket.Mirror Podiums
  • Drain & Clean System
  • Digital Intelligent touch controller
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