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|NEW for 2018| Zumex SPEED Pro +PLUS series
Model:SPEED Pro | PLUS (range)

The new Speed Pro +Plus, Zumex’s fastest and most robust design, provides maximum efficiency, safety, and flawless service to meet all high juicing demands. 

The new features include outstanding innovations that raise these automatic juicers to a higher service level, such as the automatic PulpOut system, the built-in extraction kit or its tap with front push button and bottle support.  Designed to offer maximum performance and simplest operation on the market, the new Speed Pro +Plus series convert juicing into a unique experience, allowing consumers to instantly prepare fresh juice with the quick and easy self-serve option.

SPEED Pro | PLUS series

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Zumex | Commercial Orange Juicer

Zumex | MINEX attractive design provides a cosmopolitan and unique touch of style and sophistication to any work-area. Minex is synonymous with success, with its small size, pure lines and extensive choice of carefully selected color palettes offer you an unmatched opportunity to truly set yourself apart and projecting your unique flair.

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Zumex | SOUL
Introducing SOUL

Small and elegant

A new concept of premium automatic juicer, with elegant and avant-garde design, and new patented technology Conical System®

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Zumex | Commercial Citrus & Orange Juicer
Self feeding

Zumex | VERSATILE PRO enables you to configure its functions, and the ability to select from its menu, language as well as the number of cups you have served including the amount of fruit the machine has processed. It will even provide an incident report if the unit requires technical assistance or service.


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Zumex | Commercial Citrus Juicer
Self feeding
Model:Versatile Pro PODIUM

Zumex | VERSATILE PRO PODIUM provides additional working authonomy as well as choice of locations. The stad houses an enclosed peel waste bin so only requires empting at day end. Feature packed, offers you the ability to configure numerous functions from its user friendly digital menu; number of cups served, tally of the number of fruit processed, ..and much more.


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Zumex | Commercial Citrus & Orange Juicer
Automatic | Self feeding
Model:Speed Pro

Zumex | SPEED Pro range of  juicers is the 'classic' machine by excellence. It's the most popular and the unit that most resembles the first juicer manufactured by Zumex, equally sturdy and resistant, but with major advances making it extremely effective and reliable.


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